Benefits of Aloe Vera For Diabetic Patients

Aloe Vera juice has many benefits for its medicinal and cosmetic properties. Internally, it is often used for digestive issues, including ulcers, heartburn, irritable and inflammatory bowel disease and constipation. Externally, it is thought to have antibacterial and antifungal activities. Recent studies have shown that Aloe Vera is also beneficial in treating and preventing from diabetes. In this article we will see how to use the maximum of its benefits.

Understanding diabetes first is an important discussion before understanding its treatment.

There are two main forms of diabetes, type I and type II. Type II diabetes is more common, this type of diabetes can easily be controlled by lifestyle changes and taking highly nutritious foods. Type I diabetes on the other hand is more serious as the body doesn’t respond to the insulin that is being produced.  Type I diabetes has to be treated with insulin injections.

In ancient times, Aloe Vera was used in Ayurveda as a medicine as it was famous for its beauty benefits. Aloe Vera is now becoming more common for diabetes cure because of its healing properties discovered by both science and common man. Aloe Vera is considered as super food, it has over 200 healing compound and some of them are known for balancing blood sugars.

Aloe Vera juice traditionally used as remedy of diabetes as Aloe Vera juice may lower both blood sugar and cholesterol in people with type-2 diabetes. In a two-month study, published in 2012 in Planta Medica, researchers treated diabetic patients with 300 mg. of Aloe Vera extract, in capsule form – every 12 hours, and found that Aloe was significantly superior to placebo in reducing blood sugar levels and harmful LDL cholesterol, with no adverse effects reported. Blue Shield Complementary and Alternative Health concurs that Aloe Vera has been shown to lower blood sugar and cholesterol levels in both animal and human studies, and lists the usual dosage of aloe Vera juice as 5 to 15 ml taken twice a day. Not only did the Aloe lower the blood sugar, but it also seemed to make functional improvements in the major organs that control blood sugar.

Using Aloe Vera juice over a period of time will help to reduce sugar level and control cholesterol level. Aloe Vera juice give better performances by stabilizing blood sugar level and increase the efficiency of pancreatic insulin to break down the sugars for better absorption by the body. Aloe Vera is one of the most effective means when it comes to regulating blood sugar naturally.

Pakistan has seventh highest number of diabetics in the world. More women than men die from diabetes every year in Pakistan. According to National Institute of Diabetes and Endocrinology director Dr. Zaman Sheikh, with an estimated prevalence of 7.6 per cent at present, it is estimated that by 2030, Pakistan will have the fourth largest diabetic population in the world — around 13.8 million people. To overcome this increasing rate of diabetes, aloe vera is a natural treatment with no side effect.

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