aloe vera benefits for heart and cardio system

Benefits of Aloe Vera for Heart and Cardiovascular System

Aloe vera juice has wide variety of health benefits. First, Aloe vera juice not only boosts human immune system and also detoxify the body because of its antioxidant nutrients. Second, research studies shows that it helps lower the blood sugar level in people with type 2 diabetes [Reference]. Not only this, evidence showed that aloe vera juice can help ease constipation because of its high water content and enzymes. Among all the health benefits of aloe vera juice, perhaps one of the most important benefits of aloe vera juice are its positive effects on cardiovascular system.

Lowers LDL Cholesterol (Bad Cholesterol), Increases HDL Cholesterol (Good Cholesterol) and Reduces Triglycerides

A research study published in Journal of Nutritional Science and Vitamin ology showed that aloe lowered liver production of cholesterol by about 30 percent [Reference]. Additional studies showed that using aloe vera juice decreases LDL cholesterol level and also reduces triglyceride levels while increases blood HDL cholesterol. [Reference 1, Reference 2]. The important property of aloe vera that it also increases HDL cholesterol in your body as other remedies for cholesterol control work at lowering LDL level but do not always increase the HDL levels. Thus, use of aloe vera juice balances the total cholesterol ratio in your body and this is unique benefit of aloe vera.

Lowers Blood Pressure and Stabilizes Heart Rhythm

It is hypothesized that aloe vera juice not only lower blood pressure and improve overall heart health in number of ways. Because aloe vera juice contains a high amount of vitamin C, it enhances the circulation and give strength to veins and arteries. Other nutrients in aloe vera juice help to dilate the capillaries and boost blood oxygenation, thereby offering therapeutic benefits on cardiovascular system.

A research study which includes over 5000 patients shows the successful results after administering the aloe vera consumed with psyllium fiber to participants. This study not only concludes that aloe vera reduces the total cholesterol, triglycerides, and the blood sugar levels, the following results were noted:

  • There was a decrease in frequency of angina attacks during the study period and patients has their drug dosages gradually reduces over time
  • By the end of the study, 85% of patients had their heart rhythm return to normal on an ECG
  • 2151 of the patients were originally diagnosed with hypertension, all of the patients taking beta blockers, calcium channel blockers or diuretic medication to treat their hypertension and angina had to have their medication reduced to at least half their prescribes dosages

Summary of Research Studies on Benefits of Aloe Vera Juice For Our Heart

All of the above studies concludes that aloe vera juice has six major benefits of aloe vera juice for your heat:

  1. Lowers LDL Cholesterol
  2. Increases HDL Cholesterol
  3. Reduces Triglycerides
  4. Lowers Blood Pressure
  5. Stabilizes Heart Rhythm
  6. Reduces Occurrence of Chest Pain (Angina) Attacks

How to Take Aloe Vera Juice

One research study found that taking 10mL or 20mL of aloe orally daily for 12 weeks can reduce total cholesterol by about 15%, lowers LDL cholesterol by about 18%, and triglycerides by about 25% to 30% in people with hyperlipidemia [Reference].


  • If you are taking medications of blood pressure or cholesterol, start using aloe vera in small quantity and increase it gradually
  • Do not stop taking medicines at once as your body is used to these medicines if you have taking them for long