Aloe Vera is used for wide variety of purposes in different areas of world and it is proved worldwide that Aloe Vera has multiple benefits for our skin. Some of the proven benefits of Aloe Vera for our skin are:

  1. Prevents Signs of Aging
  2. Moisturizes Skin
  3. Reduces Acne and Helps Lighten Blemishes
  4. Helps with Sunburns
  5. Heals External Wounds and Insect Bites
  6. Others

Now the question arises what is the reason that Aloe Vera works so good for our skin. Answer to that question starts from the skin penetration abilities of Aloe Vera. Aloe Vera penetrates our skin four times faster and deeper than water (remember that human skin is protected against water by a “hydro-coat”). Biologically active ingredients of aloe pass through this layer quite freely, so the next layers of skin retain certain ingredients and some absorb even deeper. This is proved scientifically in International Journal of Drug and Development and Research in which they concluded that Aloe Vera gel can use as “Penetration Enhancer” with other drugs to get deeper penetration into skin.

Due to rich minerals and vitamins which Aloe Vera has, it also helps in healing of wounds and burns. Cells regeneration property of Aloe Vera is easily transformed into our body’s self-healing capacity, which accelerates the healing of wounds and burns in humans and animals. Cell regeneration property results in skin regeneration and prevents the appearance of unsightly scars. An experiment was conducted on patients of skin burns and its results are mentioned in Journal of Pakistan Medical Association. In this experiment it was concluded that Aloe Vera gel recovers patients of skin burns (more than 50% skin was burned) 5 days earlier than other medicines which was used in this process.

Regular intake of Aloe Vera can drastically reduce the aging effects from your skin. If you are taking around 50ml of aloe vera gel on daily basis for 90 days this will reduce wrinkles and improves elasticity in your skin. In a study published in Journal of Dermatology in 2009 this was proved by giving different doses of aloe vera gel to two groups of women.

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