Benefits of Aloe Vera Gel / Juice For Joints Inflammation/Arthritis


Arthritis is long lasting inflammation (swelling) of the joints and it is a form of joint disorder that involves inflammation in one or more joints. It affects the joints between bones, such as the fingers or hands, elbows, hips jaw, knees, etc. Some symptoms can include pain, stiffness, redness, swelling, and reduced range of motion. The major complaint by individuals who have arthritis is joint pain. The pain caused by Arthritis is often constant and it affects the joints. Arthritis is one of the most common diseases worldwide and is the leading cause of disability. It primarily affects people over the age of 45 years and is more common in women than men. According to studies one out of every five adults are affected by one of the 100 different types of arthritis. AloeVera gel/Juice is being used as cure for joints pain / arthritis from centuries. Now we have 100% organic and Pure AloeVera Juice for you in Pakistan.

 Arthritis is also a prolonged disease; once a person develops it they will have it for life. Nothing is going to cure the arthritis in the body’s joints but it can be controlled. Aloe Vera can eliminate the inflammation and pressure around the joints, making movement easier. There have been many scientific studies about aloe vera and its use for easing arthritis pain. Aloe Vera reduced the inflammation in joints that were affected by arthritis. Aloe Vera juice will relieve pressure from the inflamed joint, thereby reducing pain and soreness. According to the Journal of the American Podiatric Medical Association (JAPMA) Aloe Vera can help prevent arthritis and reduce the inflammation in joints already affected by arthritis (study was published at 1994).

Use Of AloeVera Gel / Juice For Relief

Aloe Vera may be taken both internally as a Juice and Gel or externally as a Gel applied to the painful joint. Taking it both ways Aloe vera’s deep penetration may show maximum benefit. The degree of success with this treatment varies considerably from person to person. With some relief and improved joint flexibility is virtually immediate – an apparent ‘magical’ cure, while in others, the process can take much longer and the degree of recovery may not be so great.

Aloe vera contains glucosamine which is a natural compound found in cartilage. Glucosamine is a known treatment for arthritis pain and stiffness. Aloe vera juice also has minerals that will promote enzyme reactions in the joints, allowing them to heal faster. No more joint immobility or deformation with aloe vera is a reduction in the pain and immobility from arthritis.

Studies have found that ingestion of Aloe Vera on a daily basis can prevent joint pain. Aloe vera contains natural steroids which reduces the inflammation. Aloe vera has 20 minerals such as manganese, calcium, iron and zinc that promote the reaction of enzymes in the joints to heal quickly. Aloe vera also has essential vitamins like A, B (B1, B2, B3 and B6), C and E that makes this gel act as anti – inflammatory and antioxidants to absorb the toxins in the body. Aloe vera contains polysaccharides that stimulate fibroblasts which has the ability to speed up the growth of new cells and also repairs the damaged tissue. Aloe vera improves protein absorption and colonic activities, balances acid levels and lowers bowel decomposition which in turn eliminates the foreign invaders that result in auto – immune responses to prevent chronic joints inflammation

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